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Last year I had the pleasure of participating in the Night to Shine Prom and my buddy and I were standing in the line to take a ride in one of the limousines.  While standing in the line we talked about everything from surviving the hot summers in Phoenix, AZ to our experiences in high school. I have no idea how long we were standing in the line because I was so engaged in our discussion. We kept talking and then my buddy let me know how excited he was to be given this opportunity to ride in a limo as he said he wanted to all of his life. He could wait for our turn in the limo. I never forgot this conversation as it was eye opening to me regarding the experience, we take for granted sometimes which is riding in a limousine.


I think back to a time in my own life where a limousine service made an event in my life unforgettable. My husband and I had actually opted out of having a limousine service for our wedding to save costs. We figured it would be best to save up some money as we knew that we wanted to honeymoon in Hawaii!  It was practical decision and I again I didn’t think much about excluding that service from our wedding day and I was totally fine with it. But let me tell you why our arrival to Honolulu is something I will never forget.

We landed at the airport and all I knew is that I was ready to get our bags, get out of the airport and get this vacation started asap! We proceeded to grab our bags and I noticed that my husband looked very anxious all of a sudden. I didn’t think too much of his sudden shift of energy and I proceeded to look around to see how we would find a shuttle to get out of the airport to the hotel. I proceeded to walk and suddenly saw a gentleman with a sign that read my new surname on it. For a second, I thought about the coincidence of me seeing someone with that name on a sign but that lasted a second and I kept on walking. Next thing I know is I heard my husband say “yes, that’s us” and the gentleman followed up by saying “Aloha. Welcome to Hawaii, Mrs”  as he presented me with a lei made out of my favorite flower, orchids. To my surprise, my husband arranged for a limo to pick up from the airport in a limousine to drive us through the city of the first place we spent together as husband and wife.

To this day I always cherish that moment as it was a sweet gesture for my husband to plan out and when I rethink of that time riding in the limo it definitely made the our arrival to the start of our new lives together that much more memorable.  The limo was so luxurious and I remember the scent of the leather seats. I remember feeling giddy like a kid and not knowing what window to look through or not. He then asked us if we wanted a brief tour of the city and I was so glad I we accepted the offer! There were some interesting little tidbits I learned that I’m not sure I would have ever known before such as the apartment President Obama once lived in there if had declined.

To the gal that is just as practical as me, or maybe to the husband of one of our readers who wants to do something special for an wedding anniversary, or the parents of a teenager who is gearing up for prom, consider how adding a limousine will make the day just that much more memorable. Companies like Fabulous Limousine, are invested in offering quality and value with the services they provide. They offer everything from Airport Transfer Limo (such as what I did in Honolulu), Birthday Limo, Sporting Events, and even Wine Tour Limo! I know, I know you are probably thinking “it just seems a little overboard to spend money on something that isn’t tangible that you can’t take with you.” I realize that but also keep in mind that you get what you pay for too. You want the limo service to take your experience to the next level and that you will be treated like a celebrity.

Next time you are in the Vancouver area and need transportation, please be sure to call Fabulous Limousine to be there on y our special day. For more information check out Fabulous Limousine’s website:

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