Am I still sexy? My Boudoir Photo Shoot

Am I still sexy? I realized that I have gained some weight,  and my breast are not as perky.  A lot of things giggle and sag that didn’t when we first met but do you still find me sexy? Then looking at myself asking myself does he still find me sexy?

My husband and I have been together for almost 9 years.  Let’s face it a lot has happened since then. We got married I gained weight, I had our first child, I gained weight, we had our 2nd child I gained some more weight. Now don’t get me wrong my husband has never complained about my weight. Or the fact that things are not as tight as they used to be but I want to be sexy for myself too.

I would consider myself easy on the eyes, and have never been that girl with a rocking ass body. Remembering back when I was in high school I was a little bit of a late bloomer. I had no shape at all, I wasn’t flat chested nor did I have a flat butt. I just didn’t have the sexy curves that were a hit at that time. It wasn’t until I had my first child (prior to meeting my husband) that I began to fill out and get some curves. My weight always fluctuated especially when I was in a relationship verse when I was single. Any one that knew me could tell when I was single. This is when I was my smallest.

Since I have been a mother and a wife I don’t think I am as sexy. In my early 20’s (pre-kids) I felt like I had it going on. Honestly I miss feeling sexy, and I want my husband to view me as his sexy wife not just the mother of his children. I decided to do something to get my sexy back and I booked a boudoir photo shoot.

One day I am scrolling through Instagram and a local photographer that specializes in boudoir photos had a quickie session. I thought to myself that’s a great idea. I was able to get a 20-minute session with a couple of outfit changes and have my photos taken. Personally I was excited! Here I  go with the planning stages, what will I wear, hair and makeup.

Finally, the day had come and I was nervous, it felt like the first day of school and maybe it was because I was not sure what to expect. The photographer was a woman which that made the situation more comfortable. When I got there, she asked me what type of music did I want to listen to? I said Beyoncé, whenever I am getting dressed or doing my makeup I love to listen to her it’s like it sets a mood for me. She escorted me to the dressing room and I showed her my outfits and we discussed what my goal was.

I proceed to change  and once dressed in my sexy attire I looked myself over in the mirror and I was impressed! At that moment, I realized, girl you do still have it. We began my shoot and it was an experience like no other. She coached me every step of the way telling me how to look and to arch my back, and how to position all parts of my body.

When the shoot was over and I drove home, I thought to myself this was such an uplifting experience. It was almost like a sence of empowerment. I had to wait about a week to see the final product and when I was there I never peeked at any of the photos. When I finally got my email I was eager and could hardly contain myself, it felt like Christmas.

As I opened my email and began to look at my photos my mouth completely dropped. I was amazed at how beautiful my photos were and I ran over to my husband was said ” Look babe, your wife is sexy as hell!” My husband looked at the photos and suddenly there was a large smile on his face and I knew that he approved. He loved my picture and appreciated me for taking the photos. I took these photos and made a book for him to have as a keep sake. He will now always have this book to be reminded that I still got it but my husband tells me all the time I am sexy no matter what.

I understand that doing a boudoir photo shoot may not be for everyone but I highly recommend it. Put on a sexy outfit. Have your friend or spouse snap a few pictures and make a little book for keep sake. Join the movement getting our sexy back!


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