Spanking vs. No Spanking: Which one is your approach?


Spanking vs. No Spanking: Which one is your approach? I am an opened minded person. I do not push my views on anyone, nor do I want you to push your views on me. BUT LET’S TALK! I am no parent expert, nor do I claim to be. There are a few things I have picked up along the way of my parenting journey for 12 years.

First let me give you a little background on me. I was raise in a two-parent home and my father was in the military. I have a younger brother that is 5 years younger than me. My mother worked a full-time job.  There was time when my father was overseas without us, so my mother was “like” a single parent at time.


We got spankings! Yes, there were some that I didn’t think I deserved.  There were times when I didn’t get it and I should have too. I was on punishment a lot too. I was defiantly that kid that pressed the envelope especially with my mouth. My mother would tell me to do something and I would give her back talk and then whack I would get popped. No I was never spanked with an extension cord or a branch off of a tree but I was occasionally spanked with a belt. Was it abuse well that is a matter of opinion, but I don’t think so.

My parents raised my brother and I in a loving home. We had everything that a kid could want and need. Our parents took us on trips several times of year and we did family activities on the weekend. They threw us birthdays and we had slumber parties so I would say we lived a very normal life.

I decided I was going to have children, I knew that there were things about my parents parenting style that I was going to implement into my own style, but there were defiantly somethings that I would not. This is not saying that my parent did a bad job, because let’s face it I turned out great 😊! As a parent this is your given right to do as you see fit. It’s like your parents give you the fundamentals and you take their ways and tweak them to work for you.


When my children were little, the young age of about 1, they began walking and getting into stuff. You tell them no, no, and sometimes they listen and other times my kids would continue to touch things. When they continued after many warnings to get into things that they should not I popped that hand. This went on back and forth a few times till finally all I needed to say was “No, No, do you want a tap-tap?” and this ended the cycle of them not listening.

My children are now 11, 4, and 2. Now I am the empty “threat-er” as I like to call myself! If I had a dollar for every time I threaten my children with: “If you do that again I am going to stank you”.  “Keep on, you want me to spank you?”  “If I get up I am going to spank you!” I would be RICH. The funny thing is I never do. Now I have spanked them since they were 1 years old but it has only been here and there. I mean they really have to do the most!

The reason for this is because I taught them early on when it mattered not do this or that or you will get a tap-tap. Now I can usually tell my kids to stop doing what they are doing and they LISTEN but don’t get me wrong my kids are no perfect angels. As kids, they will try to test the waters but for the most part my kids still now that if mommy needs to she will TAP-TAP!

loving mother

Again, I am not a child expert nor do I claim to be but one thing I can say that I notice is that children today all age ranges are rude and disrespectful. I grew up in a time when I did not call an adult by their first name and if I did I put a Ms./Mr. in front of it. Children today do not respect their parents and the parents act like they fear their children and something is wrong with this picture. The world was a much better place when children had respect for their parents and elders. Now I don’t know if it has anything to do with spanks or not but one thing is for sure I don’t think as many parents are disciplining their children at all.

Here is a great article from “Good Parent” about the benefits to spanking

What do you believe Spank or No Spank? I want to know…

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