Do you have some serious can’t live without beauty products?

Do you have some serious can’t live without beauty products? Hey girl let’s talk!  I totally do and well before these products run low I am making a mad dash to re-up on these essential beauty needs. I will review each one of these must have items and the reason they are so important to my collection.



Moisturizer should be the first step in any pre-makeup application. You have to have a great moisturizer that is perfect for your skin type. I myself am an extremely dry person as I mentioned in my “Nighttime Skincare Routine” post. My skin literally drinks up anything I put on my face. I am also a little sensitive as well so I have been cautious with what products I use on my face. For some strange reason my face is the only sensitive area but I had to learn the hard way.

My moisturizer of choice is Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar. OUTSTANDING! Philosophy makes a great line of products. I got a facial once and the esthetician used this moisturizer on me. Usually when I put a moisturizer on my face I notice about an hour or so, there feels like nothing has been applied. It is important to have a good moisturizer on your face because this will help make the foundation last longer.

Eye Primer

Eye primer is an absolute must. This is the product that makes the eye shadow stick and pop through. When you use eye primer it helps make the pigment more profound. It is almost like glue in a sense that holds everything together.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance is my go to eye primer and it is FAB. I have used others but I keep coming back to my first love. The primer is a light cream color and the consistence is that of a cream. I usually put about half a pea size on my finger tip and then apply it on my entire eyelid. It goes on smooth and regardless of your skin tone it blends right in. A little goes a long way. If you put too much on you will be blending for a while.

Eye Shadow Palette

It’s essential to have an eye palette that has versatility. Let’s face it these palettes can get pricey but if you have a palette that has your mattes and your shimmer then you are WINNING! When I shop for a palette I always want variety I want light and darks in my palettes. I like to also have some fun colors for an evening out or the natural tones for an everyday look.

The go to palette for me on an everyday basis is Too Faced Chocolate Bar AMAZING! This palette has everything you could ever need. The palette has your browns and pinks which are great for that natural everyday look. It has the evening colors perfect to convert that natural look from day into a smokey eye for night. It also smells like a chocolate candy bar too because it is made with real coco. The smell is absolutely delicious.


I am old school when it comes to eyeliner and I always go for a black liner for my everyday look. I have used liquid, cream, and pencil eyeliners. One time in a local store a sale person recommended the NudeStix and it was GREAT! The fact that its a jumbo pencil it is easier to apply on the eye and its great for evening wear when you want to achieve that smokey eye.


I have gone through a few different foundations. As a woman of color, we come in so many shades. I have always struggled with finding the perfect color for my skin tone. Once I thought I had the perfect foundation. Then I noticed that when I took my selfies I began to have an ashy look. It would look like my face was white from powder being pated on my face.

I began my search for the perfect foundation and found Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation LIFESAVER. This foundation was a game changer for me. Because I have the extremely dry skin the cream helps to still give my face the hydration I need. Cover FX has 40 different shades which made it a possibility to find that perfect match. This is a full coverage foundation which means a little goes a long way. When I have some dark spots I want to cover I also us Cover FX concealer too.

Setting Spray

When I first started really getting into makeup I had no idea what a setting spray was for and why it was important to the finishing look. Since I have dry skin I like to use a setting spray instead of a powder. The setting spray is like the hairspray that holds everything in place. In other words, it helps the makeup not move. You use this at the very end and do not rub it in. Allow it to just dry naturally.

I was using one brand for my setting spray and it was ok but because this girl has the dry skin problem I am always looking for HYDRATION! I went to a local store and was introduced to Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. This spray has over 20% botanical oils which results to a great amount of moisture. Adding this to my routine gives my face that radiant glow. Another amazing reason to purchase anything Tatcha sell is because 1 purchase will allow a young girl 1 day of school. I love any company that wants to pay it forward.

This is Teena and these items are my go to must haves for my everyday life. Of course, I can live without these items but why would I want to? Do you have any must have items?

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