Rob Kardashian: the dangers of being too emotional after breaking up with an ex

So the tea of the day was that Rob had receipts on Ms. Chyna’s games but he may be the one that learned the hardest lesson.

If you are unfamiliar with what happened yesterday, go to this website for a summary (we are not going to post any sites that contain the explicit photos that were shared by Rob Kardashian).

Ok, some of us were just trying to go into work real quick yesterday. Ya’ll knew most of us were returning to work after a holiday weekend and most of us just wanted this to be a quick week. Some of us only had two more days to make it through before getting back to another weekend. My phone starts blowing up asking “have you seen the Rob and Chyna tea?” I honestly didn’t think much of it and then I go onto Ms. Yahoo and she is even giving live reportings from the front lines of the scene. Then I became annoyed af real quick.

A little trip down memory lane

Now let’s take it back a bit to when this all got started because Robbie should not really be surprised that any of this happened. Let’s not forget how this all got started. First of all, your sister…YOUR SISTER…has all the resources in the world but decides that out of all the d* in the world that she could have had she wants one that is already taken. She scoops in like a thief in the night and basically pays for this man to be with her underage self and tells his “wife” that “you’re just going to have to deal with it sis.” Did you and your family think there would not be any repercussions or karma to your sister doing that? Then your family takes a stance of “Kylie knows what she is doing and is more grown than we were at her age” basically advocating that is OK for this young girl to be with this adult man and to sleep with him knowing he is in a relationship with the mother of his child.

Then your family says they are going to basically ride or die for her and her Sid from Ice Age looking ass man. Did your family think they were above any negative energy coming back at them for supporting something that’s not right? Yes, they did because apparently money rights all your wrongs these days or with this family in particular.


Tyga and Sid from Ice Age comparison

So yes, when China swooped in like a damn eagle and basically dragged Rob out of the bassinet of the evil dungeon we were all rooting for her and him a little bit too. It was nice to see the underdog become the victor. It was nice to see someone play chess in the midst of all these checker games. It was too easy. While the family was basically gloating about their power and position to basically say “we are unstoppable with anything and everything that is Kardashian” ya’ll didn’t ensure that the whole family was kept. Ya’ll left Rob in the trenches very vulnerable and susceptible to the least bit of attention. All Chyna had to do was flinch an ass cheek and make it say “Rob, wanna cracker” (in your best parrot voice) and he would have ate the whole box because he was hungry for any little bit of attention.

Now at first I got a little wrapped up in the love story (like when he drove all the way down south somewhere and swooped her up in a Bentley and drove her all the way back to Calabasas. Click here to read story) and I kinda fell for the fakery. As soon as that show premiered it was kind of painful to watch anything Rob or Chyna as it was obvious that the gig was up. It was very apparent that their relationship was not going to make it as they didn’t really get a chance to establish one with one another. Rob was Chyna’s business transaction and nothing more to flaunt in the face of her baby daddy to show that she was either more powerful or that she could do more damage to the Kardashians. So once we had heard some time ago that they were no longer together it was kind of a sigh of relief. Then yesterday happened. Let’s get into the meal that these two prepared for us.

A scene from the reality show

A scene from the reality show “Rob and Chyna” on E Television. 2016

The Rob and Chyna throw down on social media

Sweetie. Rob. Please just take these L’s to the face and just move on. Everybody saw some of this coming your way. The only person you need to be mad at is Cruella Deville (your momma) for shielding you from reality. I thought ya’ll broke up right after the baby was born? Why is all of this happening now? I am so convinced there is more to the story like they are getting renewed for their stupid reality show or something. However, I looked it up and could not find any information that implies they have a show in the works…but I don’t trust any of them! I swear the Kardashians are like a bad yeast infection in the summertime that just keeps coming back. I know they are up to something!

Rob, why not use that money that you used on Chyna (and are throwing in her face now) and use it on yourself. I saw your reality show and you were really juggling with a lot to where it was cringeworthy watching how uncomfortable you were with yourself. I’m not going to imply he should use the money to physically change himself but perhaps he should move up out of Casablanca (or wherever they stay)  and get your life together away and outside of these flashing lights. You could have used that money on so many things to uplift yourself instead of spending it on a woman who may have never liked you or at least her feelings changed a long time ago about you. They say health is wealth and I’m going to take it a step further and suggest that mental health is the only wealth you should be concerning yourself with at this time. There is no fault here as to how you got to this place but just please get yourself together now.

So, I am not condoning any of what Chyna did that may have contributed to his blow up. Yes, Ms Black Antiques was wrong for what she did to him but Rob is a grown ass man. Take responsibility for your actions and mistakes and move on. Sometimes it’s not up to us to get revenge and you just gotta walk away. But let’s be real here, Rob was a broken man when she met him. I do not think Rob was mentally in a good space to be in a relationship when they got together. By him being in an unhealthy space he was not in a position to tell her as to what he would or would not tolerate in regards to anything that was unhealthy on her part.But even as wrong as she did you, you cannot retaliate and do so by eliciting  revenge porn on the mother of your child all over social media.

We can all say what we want about Blac Chyna’s character and where she perhaps even came from but get this. She made those decisions to show her body at her leisure at a place she decided to work as an exotic dancer. Her choice! But in my opinion it don’t matter if she was the guilliest of hood rats out there, you do not get to exploit her without her permission. You cannot just decide the same pics that you were getting off on probably the week prior and then decide this week when she doesn’t do something to your liking you use the same pics against her as a form of punishment of her wrong doing by embarrassing her in front of the world.  That is unacceptable.

The seriousness of Rob’s actions

There is a real severity here called revenge porn and perhaps that out of all of this this should be a lesson for us all. This is an issue that lawmakers are trying to fight due to an explosion in these types of cases where ex lovers are lashing out on social media and sharing explicit photos of their former sexual partner. Here is the definition I found on Google regarding “porn revenge”

Definition of Revenge Porn

Definition of Revenge Porn

Currently there are 38 states that have laws on the books regarding this growing issue. Rob could face multiple criminal charges for violating California’s “revenge porn” statute where it is illegal to publicly share explicit photos of another person in order to cause harm. Per an article on Huffington post, Chyna doesn’t even necessarily have to file a complaint. Prosecutors could press on without her cooperation in an effort to basically make him an example of what should not happen.So it will be interesting to say the least to see how this all pans out as I know there are also reports that he may not have violated any laws since Chyna liked each of the explicit photos that were shared.

The sad part is he went through all this yesterday to try to embarrass her and now he is the one that looks like the ass in all of this. What Rob did is basically the textbook definition of revenge porn. He went online and posted explicit videos/pictures of Chyna’s body with the intent to embarrass and hurt her for hurting him. He was so stupid and really needs to grow up because there isn’t much he can do for his daughter behind a jail cell.

Let this be a lesson for us all of how not to handle breakups with our ex’s

So again, let this be a lesson to us all that this is unacceptable regardless if the man was sending the explicit  pics or if it was the woman posting pics of her ex-boyfriend.   Non-Consensual pornography is an invasion of any person’s privacy and is a punishable offense in the same way that if someone trespassed onto your property and broke into your house. It may be hard, but keep your emotions in check people and think logically. It’s not worth going to jail for someone you use to kick it with that you are no longer connected to any longer just because you tried to get even for the pain they put you through.

If you would like to check out this link on the Cyber Civil Rights website to see if your state has laws against revenge porn, then please click on the following link:

There is also an area on the Cyber Civil Rights website where there are a list of FAQ’s that may shed more light on this is a punishable offense:



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