I rather be fat…but not really! My healthy lifestyle change not a “Diet” journey.

I rather be fat but not really. I decided to make a healthy lifestyle change not start another diet. I have always struggled with my weight going up and down. The funny part is when I was in high school I thought I was so fat, but I wasn’t, I just wasn’t as skinny as some of the other girls. Right now, I would love to be the size I was in high school but with the curves I have now. When I was in high school I was straight up and down, no hips, no butt or no boobs.

When I had my first child at 24 I began to fill out a bit but my weight still continued to go up and down.  I notice the trend for my weight was single and skinny together and fat. It happened every time, and because I am more of a relationship type of girl I am fat more than I am skinny. But I love food and the struggle is so real. I mean, when I am about to get a treat it’s like the treat is singing to my soul it bring joy to my life.  Yes its that deep, my foodies know what I am talking about.


3 months after delivering my youngest child 2014

5 months after delivering my youngest child

Back in 2012 my husband had the scare of his life, he had a mild heart attack. That was the turning point for all of us and we realized we had to do something and do it fast. We decided to get into a healthy lifestyle and not a diet. It worked for a while but then I got pregnant with our youngest child and we put all the weight back on together.

After my youngest son was born in 2014 we got back on the healthy lifestyle kick AGAIN. That was when things really kicked into high gear and we really began to lose the weight and then it stopped. The weight would not move. When this happened the next thing, you know we were back to our old habits AGAIN. The late night runs for fast food junk, and my little snacks in my nightstand for my late-night cravings. This was the end… AGAIN.

December 2015

When we moved the Arizona in late 2015, we realized we had to do something there is no excuse.  The area that we lived in was a healthy living community. Every morning as I take my kids to school I saw the same folks day in and day out doing their daily morning exercise. This was the start of my motivation, to see how dedicated these individuals were and the age range that they are left me feeling like there is no reason I cannot get fit.

May 2016

I went and bought a bike and my journey began. I rode my bike in the beginning for 3 miles per day. Oh, and trust me the struggle was insane. First it took me 30 minutes to ride for 3 mile and sometime I would just stop without hitting my goal. Then I was able to get my 3 miles done in 16 minutes within a month! Can you believe that? So, once I mastered that I began riding twice a day for 3 miles in the morning and 3 miles at night. Eventually that became easy I then kicked it up to 4 miles in the morning and 4 miles at night. But then the Arizona heat came, and bike riding was unbearable in the morning and at night. I decided I had come too far, so I headed to the gym, but it got boring, and I quit!

I gained half of my weight back and felt like here we go AGAIN. I must admit I was looking good when I got that weight off of me. My walk was even different, if you know what I mean. So, I am back on the train AGAIN and I am hoping this time it sticks. I love my curves and my fluffiness too but I love how I feel a few pounds lighter. And even though my hubby is not complaining my new clothes are, they are screaming at me like are you kidding me you cannot squeeze in here…you need to cut it!

Late 2016


Here we are AGAIN and I am back at it strong. I now have a personal trainer that has taught me about healthy eating. Currently I am counting my macros (link on how to calculate below) and the difference is noticeable. I track all my meal in MyFitnessPal app (link below) I seem to be toning up more and getting lean. I have stopped obsessing about the number on the scale and more about how my clothes fit and how I feel over all. Don’t get me wrong I still have my weaknesses for my Starbucks coffee or my frozen yogurt. Since getting back on the train my mind set is a lot different. Now I STALK the back of all labels and make healthier choices, and this healthier eating has even being to trickle down to my kids and I see it. We do not have as much junk food in the house (I still buy a few things just not as much)

Counting Macros: https://www.iifym.com/iifym-calculator/

MyFitnessPal: https://www.myfitnesspal.com/

I wrote this post to hopeful help that person who like me struggles with being consistent on this journey. If you have any recommendations for my journey I would love to hear it just leave me a comment.

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