Product Review: L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature, Lasting Matte Liquid Lipstick

I had the pleasure of trying out the L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature lipsticks since December and I must say that I really enjoyed using them! These are the latest in the L’Oréal line that are lightweight matte colored ink that provides a punch of color that is highly pigmented, long lasting, and delivers a stain-like feel (hence the tagline “less texture, more color”).

I received the colors  426 -“I Am Worth It”(classic red) , 416 – “I Create”(a nude), and 414 – “I Rule” (a neutral pink) and I was impressed how a little went a long way as the colors are highly pigmented. I am usually reserved about using stains as I have very dry lips but I was pleasantly surprised that these lipsticks did not cause my lips to peel or leave a weird texture after usage. The stain feels lightweight and very comfortable. I did find with the lighter of the three colors that I had to apply more coats than I did with the red for it to be visible on someone of my complexion. The product was long lasting and I was able to wear it 10 hours straight without reapplying. Easy to remove at end of day. I actually really enjoyed the product and I am looking forward to buying some more of the darker stains in the near future. Loved it! I received these products complimentary for testing. So some things to consider:


My understanding is that the ingredients of a product are listed as what is most potent to the least active ingredient. I noticed water was listed as the first ingredient and alcohol was listed six items down. I have noticed that with other stains I feel a instant drying feeling when I applied those products to my list. With this L’Oréal line, the product did go on like water and I am assuming that is the reason it felt more comfortable than other lip stains as it is more water based.

However, upon observation I did notice that a perfume/fragrance was listed in there too. I should have noticed this as the product did have a slight fragrance but nothing overpowering (a neutral flower).

I will say though if there are active ingredients you are working to avoid for health reasons, I would advise that you pay attention to the last nine listed.

Number of Shades: The lip stains come in a range of 12 colors.

Price Point: Very economical. I looked online and it shows prices ranging (excluding tax) from $9.97 at Walmart and Amazon to $11.99 at

Long Lasting? Yes! I was able to wear the stain for a minimum of 10 hours straight without reapplication. However, I do believe if you eat a lot of greasy foods this may be susceptible of coming of your lips.


Speaking of removal, I did not have a hard time removing the stain from my lips. The red seemed as if it help on a bit more but I think tit was just more noticeable. I just used some Micellar Cleansing Water and after a few swipes the product came off of my lips and I did not have that drying after effect. However, I would advise that prior to application to exfoliate, use a lip balm and/or primer to




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