Product Review: bareMinerals BAREPRO Concealer

We received complimentary products from bareMinerals to test and write a review about our experience with the product BAREPRO Concealer.

Please note that I am not receiving compensation to try out these products or for my review. My opinions are not sponsored in any way. I am giving you my honest opinions about this product.

I received the bareMinerals BAREPRO Concealer in the color in the color Tan/Dark-Warm 11. So what is so different about this concealer from the rest? Well, this products name to fame is that it is a long lasting concealer stick providing up to 16 hours of full coverage.


Real Women Talk 2 bareMinerals BAREPRO Concealer Packaging

bareMinerals BAREPRO Concealer Packaging

If you head over to bareMinerals webpage, it details that this concealer is crease-proof and waterproof long wear coverage. The company claims due to it’s creamy texture it is ideal for under eye concealer and will gliding on without dragging over your skin and never creasing.

I heard of bareMinerals and had even been asked by others why I didn’t use it as they are known for their “skin loving” minerals that are nourishing and pure as I have sensitive skin. Due to my sensitive skin I tend not to waver much and trying out too many new products as I am always trying to avoid a negative reaction. As a result I never made my way over to bareMinerals until this review.


Bamboo Stem extract – The concealer is formulated with bamboo stem extract which is used to smooth the look of pores and fine lines.

Rich raspberry seed oil – used as an  antioxidant

Blackcurrant seed oil and sea lavender – used to nourish and hydrate skin also to defend your skin against pollution an other environmental stressors

You can go to to find out more details.

Now lets get into this review.

Step 1

I prepped my face by washing it and using a serum and moisturizer.


A clean face is essential to great makeup application.

I primed my eyes with PUR Get A Grip (by the way works great if you can never get your eyeshadow to not get swallowed up in your creases aka have oily eye lids) and then I applied colors from the Tarlette Bloom Palette in the crease and over my eyelid.

Next I applied a primer to my skin and next applied a tinted moisturizer as I wanted to go with a close to non-makeup look. After that I applied the bareMinerals BAREPRO Concealer.

Application of the bareMinerals BAREPRO Concealer

I was pleasantly surprised with the product! I typically don’t like to deviate from my beauty staples and wasn’t expecting too much from this concealer but I actually really liked it! The formula was creamy and glided against my skin really smoothly. The color was spot on and wasn’t quite the color of my complexion which is exactly what I was looking for in a concealer.

I dabbed the concealer with a slightly damp beauty blender until I could not longer see any harsh lines.

After this I just applied my translucent powder and let it bake in the areas I become most shiny throughout the day which is my t-zone. Next I applied a little blush, a highlighter and a natural looking lip color and whoolah…I had created my “no-makeup” look. So how did the makeup pan out the remainder of the day…

Real Women Talk 2 bareMinerals product review

The end result: my no-makeup look using the bareMinerals BAREPRO concealer

How did the product shape up

I loved how the concealer did not budge during the day. I have seasonal allergies and teared up a few times in the day. I did not have any smearing of the concealer or water marks from my tears. I was happy to see that it didn’t budge.

Me at midnight after wearing BAREPRO after a full day of wearing the concealer.

Me at midnight after wearing BAREPRO after a full day of wearing the concealer.

Pros and Cons

+ Loved the texture of the product – glides on smoothly and does not pull the delicate skin under your eyes

+ Loved the final look and it did stand up to my allergy tears without budging

+ Color was WOC friendly

Alright, let’s go into the negative

– There are only 16 colors of the concealers which may not be WOC friendly

– I did see there were some bumps that appeared after I took my makeup off that I didn’t notice before. That could have been for a number of reasons (i.d. hormonal, dirty brushes, or periorial dermatitis) but when I tried the product again the next day I did not have an outbreak.

Overall, I would recommend this product to others. I am actually going to switch from one of my beauty staples and start using BAREPRO as I did really enjoy wearing it. I will provide updates on it during my extended wear of the product and I will you know if my thoughts change.




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