My Journey- Which Lead to an Ablation

Becoming a Women

When I was a young girl I could remember being anxious to get my first period. In my mind starting your period meant that you were now a “Women”, but as a kid, I was always in a hurry to grow up. I thought that being an adult would be so much better than being a kid. (Man was I wrong) But I so badly wanted to make my own decisions because I felt my parents didn’t know anything. (Again, I was wrong they knew a lot).

I finally got my period when I was 12 years old and when it happened I was both excited and scared. It was over my summer break (thank God) so I remember calling my mom who was at work and telling her my period had finally come. We had gone through the prep so I knew what I needed to do and there begins my journey of becoming a “Women”.

My cycle was like clockwork and I never had any major issues. Heavy day one and maybe day two and only lasted 4-5 days. This went on until I got on birth control around 16 years old and due to my birth control, my periods went away. I did not have a period until I was about 22 when I finally got off of birth control.

Let the Pain Begin

Why did I get off of birth control? Because now here comes my pain. The pain was so uncomfortable and the worst was during intercourse. My doctor determined I had Endometriosis. I had to have a procedure called a Laparoscopy. My doctor made a small incision through my belly button and right above the vagina. The doctor went in with a laser and a scope and was able to laser off the areas that showed the Endometriosis.

After my Laparoscopy procedure, my pains went away. I got back on birth control and life was good. Fast forward to 10 plus years and 3 kids later my life changed. My periods become HORRIBLE. The flow was heavy and I began to plan my life around my cycle. The cramps were extremely painful and I would lose my appetite from being in pain.

Have you heard of an Ablation?

I called my mom up and told her about how painful my periods were becoming. She told me that I needed to have an Ablation. Having never heard of this Ablation procedure, I began my quest to find out just what this Ablation was. I first turned to Google of course and was able to find a lot of information. I decided to join some of the Facebook groups in order to get first-hand information on these ladies’ experiences. This is when it got sketchy. I would say about half of the ladies in the group loved it and about the other half hated it. Reading the comments made me nervous and I began to questions myself. I should have never read these comments. The more I read I began to question if this procedure was for me.

After doing my research and weighing out the good and the bad I decided to go for it. I scheduled my appointment with the OBGYN. The day of my visit she went over all my medical history and then she asked me about my menstrual cycles. I explained how bad my first two days were and the fact that I would plan my life around my cycles coming on. She discussed the fact that after this Ablation procedure that I could get pregnant but that since the lining of my uterus would be burned it was not a good environment for a fetus. I would likely miscarry. I told her not to worry because my husband and I were done having children. My husband had a vasectomy after our youngest son was born in 2015.

Gilbert Mercy Hospital

I Am Ready to Get This Done

On the day of my Ablation surgery, I didn’t know what to expect. I am a very healthy person and the only time I have been in the hospital was for the delivery of my 3 children. I got all checked in and now I am patiently waiting for my turn. The doctors and nurse came in made sure I understood what procedure I was having today.  I remembered feeling anxious and nervous, I never like the idea of surgery. I told the nurse how I was feeling and she told me,” I just the thing for you”. She gave me some medicine through my IV and next thing I knew I was in recovery. When I woke up I had no pain and I thought to myself this cannot be this easy. My husband helped me dress and we went home.

Once home I just slept. The pain was very minimal. It reminded me of the first day of my period with the cramping x2. My doctor told me that there is always that chance that my body could regrow the lining of my uterus and I could possibly still have a menstrual cycle. Having the Ablation is no guarantee. The doctor explained too because I was only in my mid 30’s that the chances were greater the chances of it not working.

When I went to the follow-up appointment my doctor showed me the before and after pictures of my uterus. Before it was pink and after it looked like a yellowish color. She said everything looked good and in 4 months if I had no bleeding I was in the clear to know that the procedure worked. She explained I would still have PMS like symptoms such as light cramping, breast tenderness and any other possible symptoms that come along with the start of a cycle.

There Was Light at the End of Tunnel

It has been over a year and I am here to tell you that this ablation was the best thing I could have done. I have not had a menstrual cycle since December 2016. My PMS symptoms are minimal and not every month. I no longer have to plan my vacations around my cycle and I just feel free. Only women that have heavy painful periods know what I was going through. If you are still struggling with your menstrual cycle, but you are done having children. I strongly recommend that you have a conversation with your doctor to see if you would be a candidate for this procedure. It was truly life changing!



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