How to avoid making common shaving mistakes

How many of you hate shaving? It’s one of those necessary ‘adulting’ rituals that you can’t avoid and you hate having to take the time to do so only for the hair to grow right back what seems the next day, right?!?! And I can’t stand the pink tax that has been imposed on us for doing something that is necessary in our culture just because I am a girl. It’s bullcrap!

I have been going back and forth about going to an electric razor to even getting laser hair removal as I’m absolutely over shaving and I would prefer if I could avoid it at all costs. But I can’t. I recently had the opportunity to try out Harry’s shaving products and figured this would be a good time to reeducate myself on how to shave to see if I can turn things around.

Harry’s is a shaving company with a really cool mission and backstory. The founders Jeff and Andy became tired of paying ridiculous prices on razors and waiting for someone to unlock the case so that they could buy them. So they took it upon themselves to do something about changing this and founded Harry’s. By purchasing a factory in Germany, Jeff and Andy were able to create innovative shaving products that could be delivered to your doorstep. And you may be wondering if is this a company that creates shaving products for men only. The answer is no, they actually create unisex products. I actually thought the same thing prior to my research.

Let’s get into the mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Mistake #1: Did you know that you are suppose to prep your skin/hair? Are you asking what the heck am I speaking of? Well, there is a fine line between over-prepping and under-prepping. You shouldn’t expect that a splash of water applied to your skin will do the trick. More prep is required before you pick up your razor.

How to avoid: Stick with shaving in the shower, ladies! The steam from the water in the shower will do wonders as it allows the outer layer of the hair to become soft which makes it easier to shave (and much safer).

Mistake #2: Not knowing which way the “grain grows.” Translation: you are shaving against the direction that the hair grows.

How to avoid: First, learn which way the hair grows. To find out your grain pattern you can let your hair grow out so that you can literally feel the hair against your skin by sliding your finger across the skin to determine the direction it is growing. When shaving, the first pass of the shave should go with the grain when the hair is at it’s longest length. The following pass should go against the grain now that the hair has been shortened and the dead skin cells have been removed during the first pass. You will find that the process is a lot easier as the chances for any tug and pull on the skin have been relieved.

Mistake #3: Being heavy handed. Have you ever thought “oh, if i apply more pressure I’m going to get to the root” or you are going to achieve a “closer” shave? Um yeah, not the case boo. Putting too much pressure on your skin while shaving will actually lead to unwanted cuts and nicks. I know I have been guilty of making this mistake and it’s an easy one to avoid.

How to avoid: Just gently glide the razor across your skin. This technique will actually work the best for a close shave. And all that time we were thinking opposite smh lol.

Mistake #4: Now I am guilty of committing this cardinal sin. How many of us thought using soap or body wash might be a good idea (and cheaper) when we are out of shaving products? [Play music here: “womp, womp, wooooomp.”] No, it isn’t. I actually didn’t realize this until recently but not using shaving products actually causes more trauma to our skin.

How to avoid: Soaps appear to have similar properties (they are slick) to shaving creams but we have to remember that soap removes dirt and oil from our skin which is counterproductive when shaving. This is one lesson I have had to learn the hard way but shaving products actually provide moisture and slip agents to decrease friction. So trust me on this one, stick to using shaving products – your skin will thank me later.

Mistake #5: Using too much or not enough shaving cream.  Did you know that not using enough shaving cream or your using too much can have the same effect as not prepping the skin appropriately? Using too little of the product can cause a rougher shave because the hair may not soften up enough. Using too much of a product is a little dangerous as it can cause your skin to become too slippery and you will become more prone to cuts.

How to avoid: When applying shaving cream, only use a almond-sized portion as this will allow for a smooth shave. If your surface area is larger then add a tiny bit more than an almond-sized portion. I would recommend using Harry’s Shaving Gel as it provides an ample amount of hydration and I promise it will also help eliminate irritation. I suffer with eczema and I did not experience any irritation to Harry’s shaving gel and I found the razor just glided across my skin. Harry’s uses natural ingredients like aloe and cucumber which help to hydrate and refresh your skin.

Mistake #6: Leaving your razor in the danger zone. Storing your razor somewhere like the shower ledge or bathroom sink is a breeding ground for bacteria and the water droplets that are flying around will cause your razor to become dirty and dull.

How to avoid: You should avoid storing your razor in places where it is exposed to water.  Now, don’t go and place your razor in a drawer because bacteria can live there as well. You can opt for a quality razor stand that is designed to keep your razor safe above water and your blades sharp.

Mistake #7: Not knowing when it’s time to let go of your razor. Using your razor longer than you are suppose to will cause more harm than good. Using a old razor will makes you more prone to cuts and nicks which is not a good look.

How to avoid: Most of us are not exactly sure when we should switch out our razors. Harry’s is a subscription service that will send you quality razors in time so you don’t have to worry about guessing if your razor has expired. It is recommended to change your razor blade every 6-8 shaves. The benefits of enrolling in a shaving subscription club is that you can customize a delivery schedule you so that you will have your razors on a timely rotation.This means you don’t have to worry about ever going to the local supermarket to pick up one of those expensive (yet, cheaply made) razors to “get you by.”

If you would like to try a trial of Harry’s products, you can do so by click here and trying one out for only $3! You can keep going to the grocery store and buying the ones there but I promise you these razors are all you will need in your life. I actually didn’t think I would impressed by the razors enough to become a subscriber but I was actually shocked how nice they are (and how silky smooth my legs feel after each use) that I am a believer now. I am set to receive my razors every five months and my next shipment will come around my birthday in July. If you are ready to start your subscription and are looking for a discount to help you on your way, click here for $5 off your next box.



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