Hair Scare and How to Repair

2 years ago my hairdresser left my neighborhood. As any woman knows it is hard to find a good hairdresser and mine was great. I followed her as she bounced around from salon until she was too far for me to travel. So we parted ways and I found another stylist in the neighborhood and it cost me not only more money but also my hair.

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I received a relaxer that burned the hair from my edges and other spots all over my top of my head and left bald spots in the back of my head. Everything seemed normal when I left the salon. I had been growing my hair out to see what my natural curl pattern looked like to see if I wanted to go natural so I hadn’t had a retouch for approximately 3 months which was about 2 1/2″-3” inches of new growth.  I learned later from a master stylist that you cannot use the same strength relaxer on that much new growth because with that much growth it is considered virgin hair. I don’t know the validity of his claim though it could be possible but the stylist who damaged my hair didn’t have an answer.

So the journey began

I’m a hair product junkie; I will try any shampoo, conditioner, spray, gel or cream that will promise growth, strength and shine. I have a shower and cabinet full of products purchased on my quest for the miracle solution to soft, silky shiny manageable hair. I always start to repair any hair damage with an Aphogee treatment this is a protein mask for your hair that works miracles. It requires time and a hood dryer for the best results. It hardens the hair so you cannot agitate it otherwise it will break off. Once you rinse it out you can see the results right away, the hair is shinier looks stronger and has more elasticity. Make sure to use the mask as directed and do not overuse. I usually apply it once a month if my hair looks out of shape. They have a system of treatments that work very well.

Try to avoid any excessive heat styling. This is the hard part. Especially when you have short hair that’s half perm half natural. The flat iron is a no no but if you have to use it try to use the lowest setting that can still produce visible results. Wrapping my hair every night helped reduce my use of the flat iron and if I use it, it is only to touch up a few spots.

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I had two additional hair mishaps on the road to hair repair. The first; I was convinced by a stylist to get a few hair extension to fill in some of the hair that was burned off in choppy chunks. While she applied the hair she proceed to cut all of the hair on the back of my head off giving me a close to the scalp cut, she just started cutting with no warning leaving my hair more difficult for me to style and forcing me to have to come to her weekly to maintain my hair. Needless to say I stopped seeing her but the damage had been done she applied so much heat to my hair with her irons she was burning my hair out but I couldn’t tell because of the tracks. One day I decided to take them out and saw that my hair was thinned out and damaged due to the heat and the friction of my hair against the extensions. I had to cut my hair into a very close cropped style, all the time and effort, down the drain. The second setback; I received free hair color from one of the top brands that sells hair products and other items you have in your home. I was excited to receive a color treatment from such a huge beauty brand but the color treatment they gave me left my hair shiny but very coarse and with a chemical smell that didn’t go away until I washed it. A few weeks after getting the color I went for a retouch of my relaxer and my edges burned off and I had a few bald patches in the back of my head….again!!

My hair is getting back on track the edges and bald spots from the latest hair scare is growing  in slowly but surely. The best solution has been to visit the salon and get rollersets that way I can pin and wrap my hair and just shake out the curls in the morning avoiding flat iron. In between salon visits I wash and deep condition my hair, dry it and iron it. I wrap my hair every night and just touch up any strays with the iron in the morning.

The Aphogee system is a great but I like to experiment to see what else is out there. I have listed some of my favorite products and solutions that have put my hair back on track.


Interesting and Natural Hair Care Solutions

Garlic Shampoo

Mayonaise – as a conditioner (smells horrible but leaves the hair shiny)

Egg – as a protein mask (very sticky but shiny results)

Apple Cider Vinegar (diluted with water) – as a rinse after shampoo (leave hair shiny)

Biotin Shampoo – strengthens hair

Avocado – for moisture


Drug Store or Hair Supply Care Solutions

Fructese Anti Frizz Serum – to reduce frizz

Aphogee Gloss Therapy – for shine

Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer – for shine

Aphogee Moisture Shampoo – for moisture

Aphogee Repair Shampoo – to repair damage

Aphogee Keratin 2 minute Restructor – conditioning

*anything Aphogee I will try

Nexus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner (travel size) – for some reason I feel that the travel size works better than the full sizes if you can find it, this is hands down the best conditioner I use.

10 Minute Deep Conditioner Plus Keratin – deep conditioning (my top 5)

Blow Pro Express Blow Dry Lotion – to speed up the blow-drying process.

Loreal Extraordinary Oil Serum – shine and moisture great for keeping edges moisturized


Fancy Hair Care Solutions

Alterna Replenishing Moisture Shampoo – for moisture and shine, I love this shampoo, smells so good and my hair is so soft and silky after using.

Shu Uemura Moisture – for moisture


What are some of your hair scares? What are your favorite products?


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