How a beauty product review encouraged me to get my first Mammogram at 35

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This product review is going to be a little different but the  story starts the same as any other blogger.  I received a product called Fountain of Youth via Influenster a few weeks ago and I was excited to try it out! I was surprised to learn that Giuliana Rancic had moved into the beauty industry to make facial products as I couldn’t recall whether she mentioned anything about the line when I last saw her on the Wendy Williams’ Halloween episode. Nonetheless I was ready to get into this review but shortly thereafter my focus turned from a product review to scheduling a mammogram.

Fountain of Truth products from Influenster

 A Painful October

I was living my life like it was golden until I started experiencing a pain in my left breast. My period was around the corner and I assumed the pain was attributed to that however, in the back of my mind I knew this was different then premenstrual breast soreness. Not only did my breasts feel heavy they were painful in which the touch of a bra or even standing in downward dog in yoga was almost unbearable. I also noticed the pain resided right under the armpit area and I felt almost like zingers in my nipples anytime there was movement in my breast from physical activity throughout the day.

I waited for my period to come and go but unfortunately the pain was still there. My anxiety picked up and I was scared out of my mind so I made a call to my OBGYN to discuss what was going on as the pain was at it worst and it had moved from the side to majority of the breast tissue. Once seen the nurse had advised that since I had experienced this change suddenly it would be best to not only get a ultra sound but also a mammogram. If I am going to keep it all the way real this is when ish got real for me.

Ain’t Nobody got Time to be Scared

I had always had in the back of my mind that at 40 I would be scheduled for my first mammogram not sooner than that. The thoughts that rushed my mind were crazy at this point as I was freaking the F out!!! So what’s a girl to do? Procrastinate like a mofo. smh. I don’t recommend this at all by the way!!!

All this time I had my product review on the table and I would see one of two pictures. One where Guiliana and her beautiful friend were staring at me and in my mind I heard them say “girl, you can keep playing if you want to.” Then there were other moments where I swear I box was out of sight but then the product pamphlet would crawl out to where I could see the pink ribbon saying “like Tyrone, you better call the doctor and follow up.”

In my mind, they were right. I had so much more to accomplish and letting my fear get the best of me was not helping. S0 I finally did get the courage call the imaging center and the earliest I could be seen was the Tuesday before thanksgiving. So my appointment was set and now all I had to do was just wait for the appointment. HA…sounds so easy when waiting for appointments like these is the worst!

Getting a Mammogram at 35

During this time my breasts were still hurting so I was definitely nervous as to how this exam was going to work. The radiologist advised what maneuvers I would need to take to ensure they captured each area that was concerning. They also gave me a sticker to place at the places where I felt lumps.

So if you have never had to take this exam, just brace yourself because you are going to be in shock of all the different ways your breasts will be compressed to fit into this contraption. I had to follow the nurses instructions of basically squeezing my boobies in this machine thingy where they were compressed down upon, squeezed together, spread apart to capture as many angles as possible. I was nervous that the exam would be painful considering that my breasts were sore but it actually wasn’t bad at all.  Once that was done which may have taken 10 mins I was so happy to learn that  a doctor would be going over the results with me that same day.

I next went into a waiting room before getting my ultra sound done. For the ultrasound I laid on a table and the nurse put gel over my breasts and placed a wand to capture images of my breast tissue. I was asked to point out the area where I felt the lump so that they could get imaging specifically in that area as well. I wiped off the gel and waited for the doctor to arrive.


The Results

My fibrocystic breasts were the cause of the pain and the doctor did not see anything of concern. Fibrocystic breasts are composed of tissue that feel lumpy (or even rope-like in texture when examined) all the time. The condition comes about when your breast change typically due to hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle that make the breast tissue feel this way. In hindsight, this is one of the reasons I have not liked doing monthly breast exams as breasts have always been so lumpy and it freaks me out. The lumps are noncancerous and for some women they don’t give any symptoms (not in my case).

Things that I Learned

Here are some things that I have learned that may help if you suffer from fibrocystic breast pain or are currently experiencing any other issues:

  • Push through your fears as early prevention is key. If you have a concern, get checked out by a doctor!
  • Mammograms do not hurt. The exam is just uncomfortable as your boobs are being smashed for maybe 20 mins.
  • You can have a mammogram under the age of 40.  The recommended age for these exams is 40 because women under this age have dense breasts and it makes it harder to see anything in the imaging through the tissue.
    • An ultra sound is the better exam for women with dense breasts and only needed when you experience a change in symptoms (this is not an annual test)
  • When doing your monthly breast exam check for lumps and any other changes. As an example, you want to look out for symptoms such as the texture of the skin changing (like the skin of an orange) or an inverted nipple. The lumps that are of concern are what was described to me the likeness of a bb gun pellet.
  • Also, my doctor advised that you should also lay off touching the lumpy areas too much (because as if you keep feeling the lump it will go away, right) during the periods where you are experiencing pain
  • To help with the pain
    • Take Ibuprofen (or Tylenol if you cannot take a anti-inflammatory) and Evening Primrose Oil
    • Use heating pads
  • Ask your doctor about lowering the dosage to your hormonal birth control
  • For pain due to fibrocystic breasts, wear wireless bras for comfort and I like to shop at Soma for mine. I wear the Memorable wireless for daytime wear at it provides support and shape. I also wear a bra at nighttime and the one that works lovely is Enbliss.
  • And stay off of Google! Researching and self diagnosing yourself with what Ms. Google says is not going to help. Trust me!

Monthly Breast Self-Exam reminder to hang in the shower from SimonMed Imaging


As for the Fountain of Youth Product Review

To be completely honest, I wasn’t able to review the product the way I wanted as I was dealing with concerns with my breasts. During this time I kept hearing the interview that Guliana did on Wendy Williams where she said she went for a required exam before she started IVF treatments which is how she found out that she had breast cancer. After her diagnosis, Guiliana was unable to use most of the products out in the market that treated the appearance of fine lines, discoloration, and other skin issues. Fountain of Youth is her product line where she creates clean products that contain Super Bio-Ferment technology that are gentle, highly effective and more importantly safe.

The Honey Glow Mask is a deeply moisturizing mask that hydrates the skin leaving a dewy, youthful appearance and I can tell you it smells absolutely amazing! The product contains Organic Honey along with amid-rich Royal Jelly Extract and warms into the skin when massaged giving a glowing appearance. From the little that I did use it was my favorite out of the trio that we were asked to review by far.

We were also giving the opportunity to try out the Dream Cream which is a overnight repair mask and  The Truth which is an insta-facelift. The Truth is a treatment designed to help you fight visible signs of fine lines and wrinkles due to the Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract ingredient. Another powerful ingredient in this is Black Cumin Seed Oil which I can tell from experience (as I take this in supplement form) is rich of essential fatty acids, vitamins and amino acids that help with inflammation which in this cream help create smooth and tighter looking skin. Lastly, the Dream Cream is designed to replenish and moisturize your skin overnight so that it appears smoother and brighter by morning.

The one thing I would say about the face lift product was that initially the smell was overwhelming for me but I am a freak of nature where I don’t really like any scents on facial products. It was OK the second time around but the packaging of these products felt really fancy as if I was paying top notch prices for them. I especially loved how the pump can be inverted which is great for traveling. My skin felt smooth immediately after using them but again I didn’t get to use them for that much time as I had planned.

Ladies, please take care of yourselves and get your examinations when you have concerns or see changes in your breasts. We cannot save the world if we neglect to put ourselves and our health first. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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