Co-Sleep or Not? Did I make a mistake?

As I am lying in bed and I look to my right there’s my daughter who is four and then I turn to my left and there is my son who is two. Why are these kids still in my bed at these ages? I have done everything in my power to get them out of my bed. Why am I being punished because I decided to co-sleep with them when they were babies? My kids are no longer babies but this phase continues.

We play the game I get them to sleep in their bed for a week. The hubby and I are doing high five and hip bumps… and then next thing you know one is sick…which then mean “I need a little extra love from Mommy”…which then means they find their way back to me…and wait it’s never just one it’s always package deal every time. The minute one is gone its like they sense it almost like that “twin” sense.

I feel like this is some form of punishment I mean come on…I was only trying to be a great mother and since I was nursing I figured it would be easier for the whole house. I love the cuddle time I got with them during those moments, but to sleep comfortably in my bed must be a crime, against all laws of being comfortable I guess. People will tell you ” You have to be firm and not give in” and okay, I hear you but for how long do we play this cat and mouse game before mom cannot even see straight from the exhaustion that she is experiencing and running into walls as she makes that journey back and forth from room to room in the middle of the night?


So, I guess it is all my fault because I made that decision that day when I decided I wanted my bundle of joy right next me night after night, but I never thought we would be here 4 years later in the same position, but now there is a total of 4 people in one KING SIZE BED. I am at the point now that they will get out of my bed soon on their own, but I will continue to encourage them to get out and one day that light will be bright at the end of my tunnel…but until then I guess I will continue to sleep on the edge of the bed with a knee or elbow to the face or the best is when someone wets the bed or throws up!

If you have any suggestion to my co-sleeping mission “Get them out of my bed”, please comment below I would love to hear it and don’t forget to follow us on the gram!


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