Are you cleaning your personal makeup brushes or naw?

How often should you clean your personal makeup brushes? The true answer is every time you use them but seriously who has that kind of time? If these are your personal makeup brushes what is a reasonable amount of time between washes? 

If you are anything like me you have over 50 brushes and I know… I know most of them do the same thing but a girl has to have these brushes it’s just a must. My brushes have been an investment into my makeup collection of sorts and are essential to the whole process but I have to be honest they need a lot of “TLC”. 

Let’s face it these brushes can get up there in cost but if you take care of them they will last for many many years. So I decided to get into a routine and Sundays are our cleaning day we wash clothes and clean house and get ready for the fresh start of a new week so why not have fresh clean makeup brushes too? 

I try to wash them weekly but again let’s be realistic sometimes life happens and it doesn’t get done. Next thing you know two or three weeks have gone by but I make sure I am washing them at a minimum of once per month.   I can not stress how important it is to take care of your brushes. These brushes over time will turn into a bacteria filled cesspool that you are apply on your face. Now that’s NASTY!

When I wash my brushes I take them all out of my brush holder lay them out on the counter. I usually start with my eye brushes and then face. I used a small pea size amount of baby soap in the palm of my hand. I use the brush to scoop the soap and began the wash with my Sigma Brush Spa with luke warm water. I wash and rinse and then place the brushes back in my holder and allow them to air dry overnight. 

When I use them the next day they feel like brand new brushes and I am embarrassed at how caked up they were (you forgot the original color of your brush bristles) and how great they feel. 

From this day forward make sure you are giving your makeup brushes the tender love and care that they too deserve. Plus who wants some NASTY bacteria being transferred to your face?  So remember to give those brushes a day at the spa!

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