Meet Teena

Teena is a “Military Brat” that has had the pleasure of calling a few places home. Her main roots are Southern California and the Metro Detroit Area. She recently moved to Gilbert, AZ with her husband Hugh and 3 children Tory, Madison, and Hugh “H2” in December 2015. In 2017 they decided to buy a house in Chandler, AZ so now its safe to say they will be staying for a while.
She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and worked for the State of Michigan for 7 years but then decided to stay home and manage the house full time. Teena is also the caretaker of her father (who had a severe stroke in Jan 2015) and her sister-in-law (who has cerebral palsy).

enjoys all things makeup and beauty which lead to a passion for cosmetics and skincare. You can always find her chatting with someone about a new cosmetic product at any local beauty store. She also has a love for traveling and going out on the town with her sidekick “The Hubby aka her best friend”. She enjoys shopping and spending time with her family, and let’s not forget eating too. Teena loves trying new restaurants and especially fine dining. Teena loves to entertain and meeting new people so you will find her planning for some type of event that she can host. She isn’t the domesticated type though so you will not find her making crafts or baking cookies, but she can tell you the best place to order them!
Teena decided to start a blog to give herself an outlet and to create this place where other women could come and read material that is relatable. There are so many times that you are struggling with a life issue and feel like you may be the only one, but you are not we just don’t talk about it. This is how the concept of “Real Women Talk 2” came about. Let’s talk about it and not hide behind closed doors ashamed to admit that your kids are driving you crazy or that you hate your job, or even that since having the kids you have gained some weight…let’s talk about it. Teena wanted to provide a taste of some raw uncut realness. Get ready to explore the world of Real Women, Real Talk, with her and let’s show the world its ok!


Meet Ranaa

Ranaa (pronounced Ray-nuh) also grew up as a “military brat” and as a result traveled quite a bit during her childhood. She was born in the United Kingdom and spent eight years of her childhood there in which she was able to spend time with her mother’s side of the family that is from the U.K. as well. She and her family also traveled and lived in Louisiana, Alabama, Texas and ended up in another desert called Arizona in which she was finally able to call home (for the first time in her life).

While in Arizona she attended Arizona State University where she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Science as she majored in Computer Information Systems. She currently works in the IS field which led her to meet her husband who is in IT.

Ranaa is obsessed with all things that involve home renovation, decor, and DIY. She enjoys the the creative and transformation process of working on home decor as it is an outlet for her to explore her creative side. She enjoys yoga, hanging out with her hubby and family, traveling, watching her favorite Youtubers, and reading and researching something. The inside joke amongst her family and friends is “just ask if Ranaa has heard about it (whatever the topic is). She researches everything!”

Ranaa became interested in blogging due to being inspired by a project she was assigned in middle school that always stayed very near and dear to her heart all these years. The project called for her to create a magazine and it ended up showing her that she had a passion of bringing content together in a creative and interesting way (bringing fresh ideas to concept, writing content, and then creating layout and design) in which folks of similar interest could read and relate to. (She actually still has the magazine her and her teammates created in her possession to this day!). After working on that project she always had a secret passion to create or be part of a magazine geared towards women who were underrepresented (and sometimes forgotten about) and bring forth topics that weren’t being discussed on popular platforms (of the time) in a honest and compelling way. As the emergence of blogging and vlogging took off she had kept the option of creating her own in the back of her mind until she happen to speak to a couple of friends about the idea which led her start her own blog. This is why she is passionate about the purpose of Real Women Talk 2 because conversation can open doors to new opportunities and it can save lives!

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