10 Products that will help you if you have Perioral Dermatitis & sensitive skin like me.

So we are back to the skin topic again eh? Yeah, I know. I felt inspired to write this for two reasons: 1). I always see ladies on social media advertising or promoting these amazing looking products. They usually are wrapped in pretty packaging and smell like fruit or flowers and I’m going to be honest…sometimes I feel like a hater because at this point in my life I can’t partake in the movement due to a skin condition called perioral dermatitis. We will get into that in a bit. 2).  I spoke with a friend recently who stated that she is beginning to experience differences with her skin suddenly. She can no longer use her staple go-to products as they are not agreeing with her skin anymore. And the issues began as soon as she turned 30. That is my story too.

If you have visited our site before then you may remember that I have experienced skin issues since I was a child. I was diagnosed around the age of 7 with eczema but my breakouts were always on my legs and arms. The only skin “issue” I experienced came as a teenager with acne and even with that I had more issues with the medication (remember those gels you would apply and then one minute your skin looked great and then next thing you know your skin was shedding like a snake). Fortunately I grew out of that once in my late teens and I was good all until a few months after I turned 30 when I was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis.

The diagnosis – Perioral Dermatitis

My new skin experience called Perioral Dermatitis. These red bumps would appear around my nose and mouth during an outbreak.

Perioral dermatitis is an inflammation that occurs around the mouth and nose that comes without warning and is honestly annoying. I get small red bumps and mild peeling which are the typical symptoms. The new rash on my face was more than a vanity issue, my biggest problem with it is that it burned and itched.  I eventually went to a dermatologist and I was prescribed antibiotics to take for two months. I was told the rash would clear up immediately with the medication but there was a chance it would rear it’s ugly head randomly for the rest of my life. It has popped up again one other time just last year but for the most part I have been able to manage it. For me, stress is a big contributor factor to causing the outbreak and I learned last year that it is best to stay away from steroid ointments.

This is me today.  The first picture captures my skin right before I applied foundation and the second pic is with makeup. The second picture shows my skin with makeup. I did not apply any filters as I wanted to be honest and show my skin in it’s true state.

This is my skin today. I did apply eye shadow and lashes as I was already in the process of getting ready. I do experience my occasional pimple but the perioral dermatitis is in control.


This is me with makeup on. My skin has come a long way as I am now able to apply foundation on my skin as it would irritate the dermatitis.

A list of the products that I use on my skin.

Other than trying to keep my stress levels down, I attribute being able to calm my perioral dermatitis and sensitive skin with the following products:


Facial Wash

Facial Cleansers: I use both Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser and CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

I rotate between two brands – Cetaphil and Cerave. I typically use Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser on a daily basis as it makes my skin feel as if it is clean but not striped of it’s natural oils.  When my skin is feeling on the dry side then I grab CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser as I find this product does exactly what it claims – hydrates my skin. When I experience breakouts (acne or my dermatitis) then I use a sulfur wash that my dermatologist prescribed.


I use Origins Modern Friction as a gentle exfoliator.

Up until my perioral dermatitis, I used almost all of Origin’s products but after my diagnosis I was told to stop using everything and start all over with new products. However, one product that I continue to use is their top selling Modern Friction exfoliator.

I use coconut oil as a makeup remover

Makeup Remover

Yeah, this one may not be the most exciting (or even recommended) but I use coconut oil. I slather my face with it and then wash my face with the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser until all remnants of make are gone.

Body Wash:

Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash

Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash has treated my delicate skin with the TLC that it requires.

I have been using Dove’s Sensitive Skin Body Wash for about five years as it does not dry out my skin.


Facial Moisturizers:

Immediately after the dermatitis diagnosis I initially started off using CeraVe AM and PM facial moisturizers after cleaning my face. But when the condition returned last year I was advised to stop using all products again and for the last six months I have been using CeraVe’s Itch Relief Moisturizing lotion. I use this lotion on my nose and cheeks as the dermatitis moved away from my mouth and showed up in these areas. Then I add CeraVe AM and PM moisturizers to my face morning and night.


Body Moisturizers:

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream and Aquaphor Healing Ointment

So my absolute favorite body moisturizer (ever) is Aquaphor’s Healing Ointment!! Water based products don’t really do anything for me and I have found that not all oils are created equally. This ointment has the consistency of Vaseline but it actually penetrates my skin instead of sit on top surface layer of my skin. If that makes sense. The only issue I have with it is (and it really hurts me to say this because Aquaphor is my bae and has saved my life) but sometimes it can be a little too rich. For the days I don’t want moisturization but want a different consistency , then I use Cetaphil Moisturizing Body Cream.

I still use prescribed steroid creams on my body but I do so very, very sparingly and only if it’s absolutely necessary. Otherwise I use Cetaphil Eczema Calming Body Moisturizer to help with any eczema outbreaks that I may be fighting.

Disclaimer: It just dawned on me that I could be applying a bit too much of the Auquaphor ointment. 


I don’t have an issue with my lips per se but I figured I would just throw this one in as I have recommended it to the others and they have thanked me. I like to use Auqaphor’s Lip Repair in which I apply at bedtime and also during the day.


New product alert:

My sister was so sweet last year and purchased Lush’s Imperialis in an effort to help me with my skin challenge. I waited to use it until a week ago as I was waiting on the results of an allergy exam. Also I just started using Teena’s highly recommended Lush’s Buffy Body Butter Bar and Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. So I can give you an in-depth review in my next post as I use the products a little longer. I will tell you in my next skin episode post what I learned from the allergy exam.


Has your skin changed suddenly? Are you not able to use the products you once used in the past? If so, let me know what products work for you and your new skin journey.



P.S. Most of the products I have listed also are available at your local grocery store also makes their own versions under their own branding (which comes out a little cheaper).

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